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We’ve worked for woman and children empowerment and for animals..

The Aankho Dekhi Trust is a non-government organization that works for woman and children empowerment and for animals. Aankho Dekhi Trust focuses on provide better education, remove child abusement, child Labour, human trafficking, clean and green India campaign, to help stray animals & birds by giving them proper treatment.

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Aankho Dekhi Trust is a National level Socio-Cultural development organization working towards restoring and reviving social equality and Indian cultural heritage and values. It is also committed to preserve Indian classical and folk music, folk and tribal art, various rare and almost extinct musical instruments and ancient traditions and revive our cultural heritage.

Our mission is to find, nurture, promote and empower Youth and young torchbearers of the society so that future of our country can be brighter and in safe hands.

Our team focuses on providing better Education, livelihood skills, achieving the goal of clean and green India campaign and working towards a civilized and cultured society through Initiatives to preserve our cultural heritage.

We are working each day to bring wonders in the life of many, and achieving this goal every day, one step every time.

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We're working on charity projects for millions of people in India.

Education for all.
Livelihood skills for youth
Promoting Our Cultural Heritage
Environment Protection

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